CA #23: I Dunno Bout’ Voting


Can you complain about government if you don’t vote? If you do vote are you legitimizing the system? *shoulder shrug*

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  1. Hans K. Grumbein says:

    Jeremiah, thank you so much for this podcast! I have been thoroughly enjoying the process of making my way through each episode. I really appreciate the lucid and simple, yet deeply thoughtful way you are presenting this topic which has grown very important to me. It is very refreshing to hear someone else delving into this topic besides myself. I often feel very alone it it… but Holy Spirit reminds me that He will never leave nor forsake me… and that even God can get nailed to a tree for this stuff. Thank you so much for taking your risks!

    In this episode about voting, you suggest that it is possible for one to vote as a means of defensive force. You gave the example of a slave getting to vote for a better master. However, this picture is not analogous to our situation without also including that there are many slaves – each with their own idea as to which master would be best rule over all the slaves. If one of the slaves casts a vote for the master one consider’s to be best (or at least better than the others), one is actually agressing against the other slaves by forcing them to be ruled by the master that this one slave has chosen. The attempt to vote as defensive force inadvertently initiates aggressive force upon the other slaves who may or may not agree as to which master would better rule over them all. Hopefully that makes sense. From my perspective, it only remains logically consistent for one who supports a system “without rulers” (anarchy) to not vote for rulers. Please let me know if I am missing something about the argument for voting as defensive force.

    Peace to you!

    (sorry if this posts twice, I couldn’t see it after the first one)

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