CA 46: Random, Captain America, Unedited and Poor Audio


Hey guys. Random episode. Nothing really in the way of planning other than a few notes about captain america and some about other podcasts which exist. If you’ve made it through the previous 45 episodes, you’ll probably enjoy this episode at least a little bit.

Links to other stuff I’ve done that was mentioned in the episode:

Interview with Lewis Liberman:
Christianarchy Podcaster discusses Voluntaryism, Statism and Living a Life Free from Aggression

Apology to the Troops:

A Personal Apology to the Victims of War

Links to other podcasts done about government, by christians, from the anarchist perspective:

I must remind you I have not gotten around to listening to these yet, so don’t take this as an endorsement or anything, I’m just making you aware.

Altar and Throne:


Liberty in Grace:

That Gadfly:

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2 comments on “CA 46: Random, Captain America, Unedited and Poor Audio
  1. TGSmith says:

    What were the two other xianarchist podcast mentioned during this episode?

  2. jeremiah says:

    Sorry for not including them. I edited the post and you will find them linked above.

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