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This page is for intrepid few who have become convinced the existence of government is inherently unethical. You don’t want to sit on the sidelines and live with government when you know it is wrong. So what can you do to help?

Make anarchy a part of your conversations. Don’t do this at the cost of reaching people for Jesus or if it gets in the way of walking alongside your brothers and sisters toward Christ. Pursuing transformation into the likeness of Jesus together is far more important than convincing the world a voluntary society is the only ethical one. We can still follow Jesus under a government and the pursuit of him should always be our primary goal.

Still, political conversations come up sometimes. When they do, bring up what you think and why. Explain to people gently how every government action requires the initiation of force on others. Explain how government is a monopoly on violence. Speak the truth to people. There is a place within conversations between Christians to discuss the nature of government.

Check me out on Google +. This is the place where I get involved in political conversations and work online to convince random people across the globe of the beauty of anarchy. These online conversations can help understand some of the opposition to anarchy and how to respond to them. Conversations on social media can equip you in face to face conversations with others.

If you want to help spread anarchy, you can share this website and the podcast to your friends and followers. This might cause you to lose friends. It also may strike up some fascinating conversations about ideas some have never considered or dealt with.

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You can help me with the website and the podcast. I’m currently running a one man show. I don’t know nuthin about computers. I don’t know anything about websites, as I’m sure is obvious as you look around. I have no felt need to do this by myself. If you would like to help me with web development, I’d love your help. If you want to write articles for the website, please send them to me. If you have suggestions for the website or the podcast to help me make it better, please contact me.

If you would like to donate to the show or help financially, you can move your eyes up a little bit and see a donate tab. Or, you can keep reading like normal and I will provide a direct link to the donate page (where you can also clickthrough to amazon). I’m so helpful. Donate

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