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Abuses of Power By Police

The police have a coercive monopoly on law enforcement and security. Because of the lack of true competition, we should expect them to mistreat people as they have very little accountability to their “customers.” Most cops I know aren’t bad and most of my interactions with them have been pleasant. However, some engage in horrifying activities and they very frequently get away without consequence. These two organizations help bring to light these abuses of power.

Cop Block

Filming Cops

Foreign Policy

US interventionist foreign policy is an absolute mess. Anti War is exactly what you think it is. Scott Horton has a podcast and articles. The website is a little difficult to find things on, but it’s worth it. I’ve never heard the podcast, but I have heard Scott interview and have read a couple of articles. He is full of knowledge about foreign policy and is able to explain complex ideas very clearly.

Scott Horton

Anti War


Foundation for Economic Freedom

Mises Institute

Christian Anarchist Websites

Altar and Throne

Libertarian Christians

Theological Anarchist

Anarcho Christian

But What About?

Courts, Dispute Resolution, and Law

Society Without The State

Law Without Government Illustrated Video Series

Illustrated Video Showing An Example of Dealing Within Interpersonal Crime Without Government

The Formation of Laws and Property Rights

Protection of Persons and Property

Seminal Work on the Consideration of Security as an Economic Good

Podcast About a Modern Private Security Company Who Uses Nonaggressive Methods to Keep the Peace

The Private Production of Defense

A Thorough Collection of Essays on Stateless Defense: “The Myth of National Defense”


Article About Dispute Resolution and Environmental Protection

Rothbard on Pollution


Poor In Impoverished Countries With Available Public Schools Still Turn to the Free Market

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The Myth of a Natural Monopoly

Big Business and Regulation

Free Markets Don’t Lead To Wealth Concentration

Historical Anarchies

Not Being Governed Series of Articles

The Not So Wild West

A Historical Case of Private Law Creation and Enforcement


Medieval Iceland